2017 Vanguard AP Scores !

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Vanguard students’ superior test scores do not count for everything, but they do serve as one more reminder of the challenging, highest quality college preparatory education that Vanguard College Preparatory School provides. Students are thoroughly prepared to meet the rigorous demands of the universities to which they have gained admission.

What leads to Vanguard students’ success?

  • A high percentage of our faculty have advanced degrees in their field. They are passionate about teaching and eager to share their extensive knowledge of their subject with their pupils.
  • Small teacher to student ratios allows for a high degree of individual attention from the teacher and meaningful small group engagement.
  • Vanguard students are not beholden to the ever-changing required state testing, and can instead focus on developing higher level critical thinking skills, which they easily utilize when placed in a test environment.

All Vanguard students enrolled in an AP course must take that course’s corresponding exam at the end of the school year. 

  • 80% of Vanguard AP students scored a 3 or higher on their AP tests compared to the Texas state average of 49.8%. That’s a 30 percentage point advantage!
  • 62% of our junior and senior students who are eligible to take AP classes choose to do so.


  • 41% of AP tests taken scored a 4 or 5
  • 1 National AP Scholar – Scores of 4 or better on eight or more AP exams and an average of 4 on all AP exams.
  • 6 AP Scholar with Distinction – Have at least a 3.5 Avg on ALL AP test taken and have a 3 or higher on at least 5 exams.
  • 3 AP Scholar with Honors – Have at least a 3.25 Avg on ALL AP test taken and have a 3 or higher on at least 4 exams.
  • 12  AP Scholars – Have at least a 3 or above on 3 AP exams.   Compared to 6 from 2016 – 100% year over year increase.
  • The mean Calculus AB Vanguard student score was 4.0 compared to the Texas state average of 2.5, a 1.5 point advantage.
  • Number of AP Subject Exams taken: 14
  • Total exams were taken: 129

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