Vanguard College Preparatory School – Waco, Texas

Our nationally-recognized faculty members are extremely knowledgeable in their academic disciplines and devoted to the art of teaching. More than teachers, faculty members are connected to all aspects of student life. They coach, mentor, advise and sponsor. Many of the faculty hold advanced degrees.
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Excellent educators from throughout the United States and with diverse backgrounds, our faculty connect classroom ideas with real-world experiences. Through a  professional development program, faculty continues to grow in their insight and knowledge, benefiting all students and modeling active lifelong learning. Whether through experiential instruction, one-on-one tutoring or hands-on laboratory experimentation, Vanguard teachers combine the best of established methodologies with instructional innovation and creativity to seek the most effective ways to work with their students.
Salaries for teachers at Vanguard are competitive within NAIS. Vanguard is committed to remaining competitive with national and regional faculty salaries.  All teachers are expected to teach at least five classes and do two extra activities. Merit pay increases are determined by the Head of School and are incorporated into the yearly salary increase.
Beyond the salary stated above, full-time teachers and staff receive a complete benefits package. This includes a retirement plan, a health insurance program, life insurance.
Professional Development
Each year the school sets aside funds for faculty development. Faculty and staff attend conferences, seminars or visit places of educational interest using these funds.
Vanguard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to treat all employees and applicants fairly and equitably and in doing so, comply with all applicable federal and state laws relative to employment. 

Vanguard is accepting resumes for the 2017-18 school year.

Qualified candidates should email a resume to:

Flip Alexander

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