What Makes Us Waco’s Best Secondary School?

The Vanguard College Preparatory School motto – All Things Possible – reflects the distinction that Vanguard is the place where children thrive! The breadth and depth of the opportunities offered to our students from Grade 7 through Grade 12 make Vanguard unique. The School makes All Things Possible for our students, their families, and faculty and staff. Our motto is carried out, embraced, and delivered in all areas throughout the School.


Bostick Hall is renovated, restored and now houses state-of-the-art science labs, a student activities center and the Scott Poage Family Reference Center.

The Vanguard College Preparatory School Mission Statement

Vanguard College Preparatory School is a non-parochial, independent school in Waco, Texas that prepares our students for academic success and fulfilling lives. The foundation of the Vanguard experience is based on our core values – rigor, responsibility, and respect. The community of Vanguard students, faculty, administrators, and parents are committed to a personalized learning experience that prepares each student to excel at the collegiate level. This commitment is what truly makes Vanguard Waco’s best high school.

Vanguard College Preparatory School Core Values

These core values are intrinsic to the success of Waco’s best high school and middle school.


Sitting in the heart of Waco, Vanguard’s small class sizes provide students with the academic freedom to discover intellectual and personal passions through a demanding curriculum taught by motivated highly qualified educators. Beyond a robust regimen of core subjects, students are challenged by their peers and the faculty to explore the meaning of complex information and to apply knowledge in the service of their communities and careers. Waco’s best middle school and Waco’s best high school sit on the same campus site.


We provide a supportive, safe environment for our students. The foundation of this environment is based on mutual respect among individuals, students, faculty, parents, and the administration. The culture of mutual respect extends beyond the classroom onto the campus, athletic fields, the students’ homes, and the surrounding community. Our students’ self-respect and their respect for others are foundational to success in any endeavor after Vanguard.


We develop responsible students by entrusting them with an age-appropriate degree of freedom, balanced with clearly defined standards of behavior and accountability. The interaction of freedom and accountability between students, faculty, and administration helps each student exercise the integrity, self-discipline, and responsibility necessary for success at the collegiate level.

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