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Vanguard is excited to this educational opportunity on the Teenage Brain.

This is a great seminar for parents, educators, pastors, coaches and more!

After hearing her speak in DFW area last year, Vanguard College Preparatory School is excited to sponsor this training and outstanding speaker for Central Texas Educators and Parents.

  • Thursday Night, September 7, 6:00 p.m. – 90-minute Parent Session: The Teenage Brain: Understanding the Innate Strengths and Differences in Your Boys & Girls. $15 per non-Vanguard  (RSVP below)


  • Friday, September 8, 8:30 a.m. – All-Day Session: Girl Drama: How Educators & Parents Can Use Brain Research & Current Best Practices to Promote Positive Relationships. (RSVP below via the Green Button)


To learn more from the Speaker Steph Jensen – Click Here for the Wacoan August Article

The Teenage Brain and Girl Drama RSVP 

To RSVP for Thursday night and Vanguard Families,  please fill out the below information.

Please see the Green Button for the Friday Seminar RSVP.

Please Choose Your Option Below.
To sign up for the Friday Seminar - Please look below for the Green button that will connect you to Developmental Resources
Please CLICK BELOW if you want to register for the all day Friday Seminar



This seminar is great for educators, pastors, and parents of all teens! We encourage parents of teenagers to attend at least one of these great seminars.  Please feel free to share and invite other Central Texas parents and educators.

For the Friday Seminar – the fee for Vanguard Families waived, but you must RSVP for a spot.

Please RSVP above or email  office_staff@vanguard.org if you are a Vanguard Parent planning on attending.

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