When Dr. R. Louis Bright founded Vanguard College Preparatory School in 1973, he sought to transform a number of old buildings that had

Dr. R. Louis Bright, founder of Vanguard

been home to the Davidian Seventh Day Adventist church in Waco. Bright accomplished this by enlisted the muscle of students who were to be the first to attend Vanguard when it opened.

“It would be hard to imagine the original buildings here when Vanguard started compared to what you see here today,” said Ven Bright, son of the founder and a 1977 graduate of Vanguard. “The buildings were very runned down. Cracks in the walls, the buildings were almost abandoned. It was just a group of students that did the painting and did the remodeling of the school.”

Seventy-five cents an hour was the going rate that was paid to the students. They were anxious and excited for the new experimental school to open.

“Vanguard helped me discover who I was,” said Sherri Decluitt, Vanguard class of 1976. “I was able to take those advanced classes that helped me prepare for college.”

Building number one has been part of Vanguard’s history from the very beginning but came very close to being demolished. Through the generous donations of the Scott Poage Foundation the building found new life, was renovated and dedicated in honor of Waco broadcasting pioneer, M.N. “Buddy” Bostick and his wife, Virginia.

A design element of the new, eco-friendly “green” buildingis a fully restored clocked etched in granite on the floor of the building. The clock was and still is a gathering place for students.

Bostick Hall

“It is great to see the expansion, its good to see the school is doing well,” Bill Hearn, president of EMI-CMG and 1977 graduate of Vanguard. “I would just encourage kids to take advantage of all the school has to offer because it is all here.”

Bostick Hall now stands as a proud celebration of Vanguard’s humble past and a symbol of Vanguard’s secure future.