Viking Voice – May 2016

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Viking Voice – May 2016

A note from Head of School – Bill Borg

Vanguard Parents, Students and Community Members,

Congratulations to our outstanding graduating Class of 2016! I am so proud of each student’s accomplishments, achievements, and acceptances. Vanguard affords me the opportunity to have a unique, personal relationship with every student that passes through our doors. There is something intensely rewarding about watching a group of students grow over the course of six years. It is humbling to see how much they can learn from our dedicated faculty and staff in such a short span of time.


A Vanguard education is transformative. Soon-to-be graduates will enter into their college careers well equipped for success. Every hour spent studying for one of Mrs. Dena Johns’ Calculus exams, putting the finishing touches on one of Mrs. Jennifer Ferretter’s English essays, and meeting with Ms. Rebekah Radney about college applications was worth it. You made it! Please take time to thank the people who have enabled you to succeed at such a high level. Vanguard faculty, staff, and family and community members give of their time and efforts so liberally. They have been a trmendous asset to you. I ask that you take the time to recognize and honor them in these eventful next few weeks.


Thank you to our committed group of parent volunteers. It is only by your generous and gracious support of Vanguard that we are able to offer your students the highest quality education. You all are truly partners in our mission to instill responsibility, rigor,  and respect in our students.


Vanguard remains committed to stay on top of the newest developments in social media among teens. I strongly encourage you to stay in dialogue with your students regarding productive and safe social media usage this summer and beyond. Please contact the front office if you would like any material sent to you that can facilitate your knowledge of this increasingly important subject matter.


There is unprecedented demand for admittance to Vanguard. Our reputation for being committed to providing a rigorous college preparatory education precedes us. Vanguard had a record number of applicants this year, and for the 9th year in a row we have an enrollment increase. Faculty and staff will spend this summer anticipating both the arrival of these new faces and our returning students. Next year, we will miss two long-term Vanguard Faculty members who are retiring – Dena Johns and John Perdichi. They have been a gift to so many students for over 20+ years! I also want to thank Mamadou Diene and Craig Thornton for their years of teaching at Vanguard. We wish them all the best next year!


Our spring sports teams have delivered outstanding performances. Our Track and Field team showed well in every category across the board. We look forward to this program having continued success. Our men’s and women’s golf teams continued their domination and extended their reign as champions for 12 and 4 consecutive years respectively. Congratulations to our Baseball team who made the Elite 8 and the Softball team who finished 3rd in state. I want to thank our cheerleaders for their dedication to encouraging our sports teams to victory from day one.


I wish you a safe, fun and relaxing Summer Break. If you have small children, please consider signing them up for a Vanguard summer camp. It is a great way for future Vikings to become acquainted with our school.


Please do not ever hesitate to contact me. I have always valued input from the Vanguard community


Yours In Education,
Bill Borg

Head of School

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