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As we celebrate 50 years, it is important to recognize the cornerstone of Vanguard, our teachers. Students’ lives are transformed by the teacher who sees and believes in them beyond what they see in themselves. Since 1973, Vanguard has instilled a love of learning and has guided our students to be curious and global citizens. Teachers teach to make a difference in the world because education and knowledge are some of the most powerful tools for positive change. By imparting knowledge, skills, and values to students, teachers contribute to shaping future generations and, in turn, the society and the world at large.

In a world that is changing rapidly, it is only fitting that this year’s Annual Fund Campaign celebrates the ongoing commitment of our Faculty and Staff! 

 We especially recognize Mr. Flowers this school year! Mr. Flowers started teaching at Vanguard in 1973 from the first day Vanguard opened. Throughout 50 years, he taught math, coached sports, and has successfully led an ever-changing Technology department.

Sadly, in a world where many wonderful teachers are choosing to leave the education profession, Vanguard is proud of our teachers/staff and their unwavering commitment to making an impact in the lives of young people. Having fifteen faculty members be with our school for over 10 years reflects their commitment to making a difference through education and their passion for what we do at Vanguard.

Vanguard has changed greatly in 50 years, but the focus on education and preparing young people for college and beyond has never changed. Graduates from the beginning until 2023 continue to say they were well prepared for college and beyond.

Vanguard depends on Annual Fund donations to close the gap to balance our budget. Vanguard has a capital campaign in progress, but at the same time, we are investing in today!

Help build education today as we build Vanguard for tomorrow.

Please consider dedicating your gift this year to thank a Vanguard teacher or teacher in your life.

Vanguard College Preparatory appreciates your philanthropic support.  All gifts, small and large, truly make a difference to our students, teachers,  coaches, and staff.
Give a gift to ensure Vanguard stays at the forefront of education in Central Texas. Please consider dedicating your gift this year to thank Vanguard teacher or teacher in your life.

Teachers are helping make students' DREAMS a reality and we know that parents/guardians, alumni and grandparents can make Vanguard's DREAMS a reality by giving to the Annual Fund!

Frequently Asked Questions

Annual gifts support the current school year’s operations and all aspects of school life including curriculum development, the athletics program, arts instruction and materials, and our many vibrant co-curricular activities. Your generosity helps fulfill our mission to educate young people in a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful community.


The Annual Fund is a critical part of Vanguard’s fundraising efforts for each fiscal. It is money donated by Vanguard trustees, parents, alumni, staff, and friends to support the school’s operating budget and provide additional resources that enrich the educational experience of our diverse student body. It supplements scholarship funding and helps provide additional activities and academics. The Annual Fund allows for a flexible response to the school’s needs and directly impacts the growth of our school.


Revenue from the Annual Fund allows our school to ensure affordable tuition with limited percentage increases, which makes our school accessible to a diverse group of talented students.


Family participation is critical. It serves as an objective measurement of how strongly Vanguard families support the school. Evidence of this support enables the School to successfully seek additional funding from corporations and foundations.


Like the Annual Fund, Vanguard’s Board Bingo event and VPC Golf Tournament count as unrestricted giving, which can be used by the school as needed. However, giving to an event is not the same as giving to the Annual Fund. Annual Fund gifts are completely tax-deductible and count toward our participation numbers, specifically when applying for grants