Vanguard's Technology Philosophy

Vanguard School tailors classroom technology use to each subject. As with all academic consideration methods, implementation of technology is integrated into coursework in a way that makes it more productive and effective for both students and faculty. Middle school students are not required to have a technological device for academic purposes. Middle School Students may not have cell phones during the school day, however, they do use technology in the classroom and labs. High school students will need access to a computer/laptop/tablet due to the higher level course content. Vanguard is focused on teaching students how Technology can enhance the learning experience. For example, 3D Printing, MultiMedia, Video, and Streaming of school events and much more. Vanguard College Preparatory School has expanded its educational technology initiative. Video podcasts are provided for most of the school’s math and science classes.

“Students learn differently today, and we try to use the technology that students use every day to facilitate learning when it is appropriate,” said Joe Flowers, Vanguard College Preparatory School’s Director of Technology. “Sometimes this means pushing the envelope.


Vanguard College Preparatory School was the top school in Central Texas in a ranking of the best 5,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) high schools for 2019.


The rankings of the top 500 were announced by Newsweek. Vanguard also was 19th among private schools statewide and 290th nationally in that category.

Other Technology Insight and Information


  • Two  3D Printers
  • MultiMedia, Video, and Streaming
  • Coding
  • Quadcopter
  • Hour of Coding
  • Advanced Internship and Independent Research study available in High School
  • Robotics
    • We compete in FIRST FTC, which is a national program where students design and operate robots aimed at completing tasks according to the game developed for that year.  
    • Students have many opportunities to participate in this class – including design, programming, documenting, engineering, operating, and marketing.
    • Vanguard has 2 Robotic teams to allow more kids to have hands-on participation.
    • Students are taught how to design 3D parts using SOLIDWORKS and create parts on campus
    • This is a class, rather than an after-school club.  
    • The gameplay consists of a 30 second autonomous period and a 2-minute driver-controlled period.  In the autonomous part, the robots move on their own according to a program that the students develop prior to the match.  During the teleoperated part, the students drive the robot and try to place blocks into designated areas.