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The Vanguard Fine Arts Programs exist to:

• Develop the natural talents of all students
• Promote excellence in all activities
• Build character through creative pursuits
• Encourage service to the world through the arts

Vanguard Fine Arts Theatre Arts Courses

Offered to middle school students, is designed to give the beginning theatre student a solid foundation with regard to the origin and history of theatre. Many different playwrights from a variety of genres and eras are studied. Students perform a small piece for the annual Follies show in the fall and Night of Fine Arts (N.O.F.A) in the spring.

Offered to high school students, concentrates more on performance and introduces students to the art of being on stage with confidence. Students also experience the technical side of theatre, including lights and sound. These students perform at multiple events, including the Follies and N.O.F.A.

Students are pushed beyond their comfort zones to enlarge their theatrical base. Students perform and study classic and modern plays. These students perform, manage the stage, and assist at all performing events throughout the year. In addition, Advanced Performing Arts students write plays for the Vanguard children’s theatre summer camp.

Extracurricular Acting Opportunities

Takes place in the fall. We hold auditions in the spring for this cast. Any student at Vanguard may participate regardless of enrollment in theatre class.

Include Prose, Poetry, Duet and Solo acting. Other competitive speaking opportunities exist at this competition, which is held in early spring.

Music Courses

Is offered to interested students in any grade. This course is designed to give students with little or no experience an introduction to playing a stringed instrument, note reading, music theory, and musical expression. Instruments studied in this course are violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The beginning string ensemble performs at the Follies show in the fall and N.O.F.A in the spring. In addition, these students participate in service projects and in-school performances throughout the year.

Classes are available for string players with at least one year of experience on their instruments. These students combine to form a single ensemble and perform during the school day, at off-campus service projects, at Follies, and at N.O.F.A. Spots in this orchestra are available by audition only. Instruments include violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, and guitar at the teacher’s discretion.

Extracurricular Music Opportunities

Chamber Music is an extracurricular, selective program offered by audition only. As a string quartet or trio, these students rehearse after school weekly and perform at smaller venues, such as house parties, luncheons, and community events.

Band is an extracurricular activity offered to Vanguard students of any grade and level. Band meets in the music room before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This ensemble is facilitated by qualified Baylor music students. Fine Arts or PE credit may be available for this activity. Performances are at the discretion of the instructor and the fine arts director.

Drum Line is an extracurricular activity available to Vanguard students of any grade or level. This group meets before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the gym. The Vanguard drum line performs at pep rallies, home football games, and district home basketball games for boys and girls. P.E. or Fine Arts credit is available for this activity by request.

Private Music Lessons on any instrument are available at Vanguard at the student’s expense. A variety of instructors are available to teach on campus in the music room. Any Vanguard student or sibling is welcome to participate in on-campus lessons. For more information, please contact the fine arts director.

Visual Arts Courses

Offered to eighth through twelfth-grade students, is an introduction to studio visual arts, designed to create an appreciation of the media, techniques, and purposes of the creative process. Students learn many different art-making processes, in both two and three dimensions, including drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, and introductions into wood and metal sculpture.

Students build upon what they learned in Art I, creating advanced artwork using a variety of art-making processes. Students also begin to develop their own artistic “voice” and style. Traditional art-making techniques are developed and new techniques are explored in the media of the student’s choice, which can include drawing, painting, ceramics, wood sculpture, metal sculpture, darkroom photography, and many more. The course emphasizes perception of the visual world and the techniques and materials used for self-expression.

Extracurricular Art Opportunities

TAPPS State Art Competition takes place in the spring. Students have the opportunity to enter their artwork into this competition in many different categories. They compete both individually and as the Vanguard College Preparatory School Team. Any student at Vanguard may participate regardless of enrollment in art classes.

VASE – Visual Arts Scholastic Event takes place in late winter. Students have the opportunity to showcase their artwork among other students of the same level, with the opportunity to medal and advance to the state level. They will meet one-on-one with a judge about their work, and have the opportunity to participate in enjoyable art workshops. There is a regional event followed by a state event later in the year for those students who advance.

Art on Elm Avenue takes place in the spring. Students have the opportunity to participate in a local art exhibition, to show the Waco community the great artwork being made at Vanguard College Preparatory School. Awards will be given to winners in various categories.

The Vanguard Orchestra participated in the second of two competitions at TAPPS 2018! Vanguard accumulated enough music points to be ranked in 3rd place in the State, a full three places higher than last year.

Congratulations to our Artists!

Art Awards for the 2019 – Vanguard won the most TAPPS and VASE Medals in Central Texas for the past 3 years!!

Click here for the Art Awards for 2019!
VASE Art Competition includes students from all of the public schools in Region 12 and the State. Visual Arts Scholastic Event is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.


Congratulations to the Vanguard Art Students that competed at the Regional 12 VASE Art Competition in Harker Heights, Texas. 42 students entered 77 artworks. All 77 artworks earned regional top score medals, and 12 artworks advanced to State and 9 won State medals. For the third year in a row, Vanguard sent more students to the State Competition than any other school in Region 12.


Orchestra students made a great showing at their recent competition! Congratulations to the following 5 students on attaining a “Superior” rating on the piece that they performed at the TAPPS State Solo Music competition

Top Artist in McLennan County – 2017

Congratulations to Vanguard Art Students who won three awards at the Top Young Artists ceremony, a competition between all 11th and 12th-grade art students in McLennan County! Vanguard winners were:
• Jacob Turnage – Grand Prize
• Logan Borg – 1st Place Photography
• Emily Shelton – 1st Place Mixed Media