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When Vanguard opened its doors to students in 1973, only a small handful of sports were available. The first year Vanguard had skeet shooting and water skiing and basketball.  During the second year, Vanguard added many sports including tennis, baseball, softball, archery, golf, karate, and track.
Within a few years, Vanguard had already established itself as a formidable opponent in the realm of athletic competition. The Vanguard Gym was constructed with the famous Carpet Floors!
Our oldest rivalries were formed with the school's inception. 
Today Vanguard offers - Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Softball, Tennis, Baseball, Swimming, Soccer, and Golf!
Our legacy of building champions at Vanguard has grown over the years. Vanguard athletic teams and coaches received recognition for their achievements across virtually every sport.  With many 48 State championships and National honors, our passion for performance has passed from each generation to the next.

2019-20  Athletic Hall of Fame Candidate Nomination Window Now Open

Vanguard enjoys a rich history of excellence in athletics at the individual, team and coaching levels.
In this, 47th anniversary year, the Athletic Hall of Fame seeks to recognize graduates of Vanguard College Preparatory School.
Inductees have brought pride, spirit and recognition to Vanguard’s athletic programs and to the community as former players, coaches, administrators and supporters. 


Selection into the Vanguard Preparatory Athletic Hall of Fame is voted on by the Vanguard Hall of Fame Selection Committee, which is appointed by the Vanguard College Preparatory Head of School, Athletic Director, and the Director of Alumni Relations.

Candidates may be either athletes or contributors to Vanguard College Preparatory School athletics. Athletes must have graduated from Vanguard.  Candidates must have played for or been associated with Vanguard for at least two years. At least five years passed since the candidate’s first distinction involving Vanguard athletics.

Nominations may be made on behalf of individuals or by the nominee.

Vanguard Collegiate Wall of Honor

Help us fill the wall!  We have a list of over 30 Vanguard Athletes who played at the college level who we are contacting to feature on the Collegiate Wall of Honor in the Swanson Gym.   The inspirational Wall of Honor highlights alumni who are or who have participated in a college athletic program as a player or coach.  This includes any division - NCAA division I, II, III, NAIA, or Junior College. 
If you have played in one of these divisions, we'd like to highlight you! 
Click here submit you college photo (1536 x 1024 pixels or more), your Name, class at Vanguard and class at the university/college, the sport, and the University/College.
We'd like to have these gathered by October 1st to create a Collegiate Wall of Honor at the school. 

State Titles

Boys Tennis 1990 - Girls Tennis 1990 - Boys Cross Country 1991 - Boys Tennis 1991 - Girls Tennis 1991 - Girls Cross Country 1992 - Girls Basketball 1992 - Boys Tennis 1992 - Girls Tennis 1992 - Girls Cross Country 1993 - Girls Basketball 1993 - Softball 1993 - Girls Tennis 1993 - Girls Cross Country 1994 - Girls Basketball 1994 - Boys Tennis 1994 - Girls Tennis 1994 - Girls Cross Country 1995 - Girls Basketball 1995 - Boys Tennis 1995 - Girls Tennis 1995 - Girls Cross Country 1996 - Girls Golf 1996 - Girls Cross Country 1997 - Girls Cross Country 1998 - Softball 1998 - Softball 1999 - Girls Cross Country 2000 - Softball 2001 - Boys Tennis 2005 - Boys Golf 2005 - Boys Golf 2006 - Boys Golf 2007 - Boys Golf 2008 - Boys Golf 2009 - Boys Golf 2010 - Boys Golf 2011 -  Boys Golf 2012 - Boys Golf 2013 - Girls Golf 2013 - Boys Golf 2014 - Girls Golf 2014 - Softball 2014 - Boys Golf 2015 - Girls Golf 2015 - Boys Golf 2016 - Girls Golf 2016 - Boys Tennis 2019- Team Tennis 2020 - Boys Tennis 2021