Vanguard college Preparatory School

International Program

Vanguard College Preparatory School accepts International Students from all countries around the world.

Vanguard College Preparatory School has a Top International Academic High School Program.

Vanguard is ranked #23 Best Private School in Texas, by Niche.

The International Student Program provides Vanguard College Preparatory School the opportunity to welcome international students to be a part of our 7th-12th-grade community. The 2013-2014 academic year was the official start to the International Student Program. The ISP program at Vanguard College Preparatory School places a strong emphasis on academics, solidifying students’ English speaking/writing skills, preparing students for college, exposure to the American culture, and providing a quality education. Students in the ISP will be living with host families as they pursue their education at Vanguard College Preparatory School.


Vanguard has students from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Lebanon and Philippines since 2015.



• For all Non-Chinese Students – click here to apply

• For information in French – Informations en Français

• For information in Vietnamese –Để biết thêm thông tin

• For Information in Spanish – Para información en español

• For Information in German – Für Informationen in deutscher Sprache

• For all Chinese Students to apply or for more information – click here



International students applying from countries outside of the United States requiring a Form I-20 to attend school in the United States should contact Hannah VanDyke, at Email Hannah VanDyke to obtain information on international tuition and fees, as well as to receive instructions about our application process.



Click here to read a recent article on our international program by the Waco Tribune Herald.



If you are interested in hosting an international student – click here

Please contact our Head of The International Program with questions or if you are a current Vanguard family who wants to be a host family –  Hannah VanDyke.

International Mentorship Program

The International Mentor Program provides immediate friendship with a current Vanguard student and guidance from a Vanguard faculty member. This program helps guide an international student through their years at Vanguard.  They gain valuable friendship and guidance. We want our international students to feel connected the moment they step foot on Vanguard’s campus.

The International Mentorship Program pairs international students with mentors to help during the transition process and beyond. International students are automatically enrolled in the program.  Faculty and current students volunteer to be mentors for the entire year.

The International Mentorship Program has monthly lunch gatherings that take place during our lunch hour. Mentorship pairs will get together and be encouraged to have lunch with other mentorship pairs. This creates a community for our students. Mentorships pairs are encouraged to get together at other times throughout the month.  For example, one of our pairs went to get snow cones after school. This was something new for our international students to experience in the United States.

International Students coming from China should work through the Cambridge Institute to apply to Vanguard College Preparatory School. Through an exclusive agency arrangement, we have partnered with the Institute to help Chinese students work through the admission process and be properly placed. All applicants from China should direct their inquiries to the Cambridge Institute at

“Vanguard’s educational philosophy recognizes the potential of each student to achieve their goals. The school is diverse and welcoming to students from different backgrounds worldwide. It prepares students for college by offering various AP courses and supporting them with the application process, ensuring they have a head start when entering college.


A very close example would be the AP Calculus course offered at Vanguard. Due to this unique opportunity and wonderful teaching, I could receive credits for 6-hours college calculus courses as a math major, which meant that I could finish the prerequisites much earlier than my peers and get started on the higher level math courses. This is just a small example out of many cases regarding college preparation from Vanguard.” 


 (Billy) Libo Xu (Vanguard International Graduate 2020)


Billy attendefUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with two majors(Mathematics and Statistics) and a CS minor, along with graduating highest distinction and Magna Cum Laude.

Soon he will be returning to the US to get a masters at The University of Texas at Austin.

Billy Xu - Class of 2020