Annual / Scholarhsip Fund

The Annual/Scholarship Fund Campaign needs your support!

You can provide an essential gift that directly benefits our children and our school.


Did you know that tuition for Vanguard only covers about 80 % of our budget?

That is why the Annual Fund is so important. It is through the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts that we can afford the kind of programs that have made Vanguard College Preparatory School the #23 ranked private high school in Texas and #1 Private School in Central Texas.
We are so thankful for a community of committed leaders, parents, and alumni who understand the importance of giving and continue to enrich our wonderful school.
Each of you is essential to the success of the Annual Fund, and we need your participation!

Giving is easy online.


What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a critical part of Vanguard’s fundraising efforts. It is money donated by Vanguard trustees, parents, alumni, staff, and friends to support the school’s operating budget and provide additional resources that enrich the educational experience of our students. It supplements program funding and helps provide “extras.” The Annual Fund allows for a flexible response to the school’s needs and directly impacts the growth of our school.

How are Annual Fund Dollars allocated?

In recent years, the Annual Fund has helped finance classroom enhancements, safety measures for our school, funding for music, theater, art, and teacher training. These are just a few examples!

If money is needed, why not just raise tuition?

Revenue from the Annual Fund allows our school to ensure affordable tuition with limited percentage increases, which makes our school accessible to a diverse group of talented students. Also, remember that gifts to the Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible, unlike tuition!

Why is current family participation so important?

Family Participation is critical to the Annual Fund because it serves as an objective measurement of how strongly Vanguard parents support the school. Evidence of this support enables the school to successfully seek additional funding from corporations and foundations.

How does the Annual Fund relate to Bingo and the Golf Tournament?

Like the Annual Fund, Vanguard's Bingo each Fall counts as unrestricted giving, which can be used by the school as needed.  However, giving to an event is not the same as giving to the Annual Fund.  Annual Fund gifts are completely tax deductible and count towards our participation numbers, especially when applying for grants.  Bingo auction donations do not count towards participation.  The Golf Tournament supports the Vanguard Sports program.

How much am I expected to contribute?

Only you can determine the amount that is appropriate for your family. Your generosity will benefit your child NOW, and will also CONTINUE to benefit Vanguard students for years to come.

Can I make my pledge now and pay it over time?

Yes!  As long as all payments are made by July 31, 2019, the end of our fiscal year, we are happy to accept payments towards your pledge in installments.

For more information on ways, you can help the school, call 254-772-8111.

Head of School
Bill Borg

Director of Advancement
Chelsa Brindley Ressetar

Vanguard College Preparatory School
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