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As we look forward to a productive and enriching 2020-2021, we're hard at work this summer planning for the coming school year, mindful of recent quarantine and physical-distancing mandates.

We have organized four cross-functional task forces and determined three possible scenarios. Our top priority is to return to campus on our originally scheduled first day of school, August 14th and to support student and faculty health and safety. In addition, our mission and values are non-negotiable, and they are the through-lines that will characterize each-and-every scenario. 

Together with information from the CDC and state and local officials, we will determine the ways Vanguard will deliver on its mission and values — an exceptional and enriched education delivered in the context of a diverse, creative and engaging partnership between students, teachers, and families.

We'll be in touch regularly over the summer in our Friday emails, as the time for prudent decision-making draws near.  

Please also know all announcements and Summer Communications (Books, Summer Reading, Summer Math, Supplies, Athletics Rank 1 information and more) are in FACTS Family Online Announcements.


Leadership Team members and faculty volunteers have formed four task forces to determine a plan forward.



Lead by Zach Seifert
Committee Members -  Shelley Johnson, Sarah Lieber, Matt James, Bill Borg

Develop a host of curriculum delivery modes, considering both successes and challenges from Vanguard Virtual School Online last spring, parent feedback, and best practices considered by other high-achieving independent schools. Plan professional development for faculty and parents, based on the different operational scenarios. 


Lead by Flip Alexander
Committee Members - Bill Borg, Will Curtis, Sarah Lieber, Kayla Kuhl, Brad Livingstone
Health & Safety Advisors - Dr. Rod Richie and Lisa Lopez
Create multiple plans as we consider physical strategies (e.g. distancing options, use of PPE, lunch, etc.) while applying each scenario and benchmarking best practices for academics, clubs, athletics, art, theater and more.Committed to the overall health and wellness of all programming and scenarios as it affects faculty, staff, students and families. 
Lead by Chelsa Ressetar
Committee Members - Matt James, Flip Alexander, Bill Borg
Create multiple plans to inform how we welcome faculty, students, and families back to campus.  Continued focus on new Vanguard families, summer communications, teacher training and creating a community of excellence.  Work closely with the Head of School to create responsive models for budgeting and operations.



Vanguard has identified three likely scenarios to begin the 2020-2021 school year. Each task force is planning for each scenario, through the lens of their specific focus. No scenario is likely to play out exactly as listed here, and we probably will land somewhere in between. No matter the circumstance, parent, student  and faculty partnership will be essential.

On-Campus Learning

The scenario marks a "return to normal" with students on campus each day in the fall.  Online learning tools will be integrated into all Academic classes.


On-Campus Learning with Physical Distancing

This scenario requires us to look closely at classroom size, large group gathering, movements around campus, and lunch. It requires creative daily and weekly scheduling, personal protective equipment, continued online learning, and more.  


Virtual School for All Students

Continued remote learning via Vanguard Virtual Online School. New protocols, procedures, and training will be developed over the summer to support teachers and parents for any scenario that requires learning remotely. 




Specific decisions and plans will be finalized over the next several weeks as more information and updated public health guidelines are issued. Strategies may include, but not are not limited to, the following areas:


Potential use of personal protection equipment for all people — students, teachers, parents, visitors, etc.

Capacity Changes

Institute capacity limits to allow for physical distancing in spaces such as the Athletics, classrooms, lunch room, gym, etc.



Fever Checks

Temperature testing for all people — students, teachers, parents, visitors, etc. — prior to entry.



Sanitizing the building utilizing new CDC standards and implementing innovative tactics to keep campus clean.

Campus Security

Changes to visitor and vendor procedures.



As the summer progresses, we will provide all of you with detailed reopening information at the appropriate time. Plans will be guided by national, state, and/or local requirements. The health and safety of your children, our faculty, and staff are at the forefront of all of our efforts. There is no one correct answer for all the issues we face but be assured that anything we will do is guided by what will provide the healthiest and most productive environment this fall. 

We're here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to Head of School, Bill Borg.  

Our goal is to have a well designed plan for fall 2020 by mid-summer, and we will share the plan with you as soon as it's ready. Thank you for your continued partnership during this challenging time.

Academic Considerations:Hannah VanDyke
Events/School Logistics (Communications): Flip Alexander 
Admissions and New Students: Chelsa Ressetar
Athletic Questions: Will Curtis 
Counseling and 504 Acomidations - Aline Leslie
SAT/AP/College Board Questions: Hannah VanDyke
Overall Questions: Bill Borg
General Office Questions: Office Staff


Bill Borg

Head of School



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