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Building Vanguard for tomorrow.

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The Vanguard Horizons Campaign has been launched to help build the school’s endowment through contributions to the Vanguard Foundation.

The genesis for the campaign came from a conviction by community leaders that after 45 years, the school has demonstrated that it should be supported by more than a $200,000 endowment. We want to help the school’s administration operate more on the basis of long-term educational excellence rather than short-term economic need.
We believe strongly that Vanguard is an educational institution that deserves our support.
To get involved in the campaign - 
Please contact Mike Raymond, Campaign Steering Committee Chair at mraymondiv@gmail.com.

Please make your check payable to Vanguard Foundation.
Letters of acknowledgement will be sent to you, the school, and to the faculty member in whose honor your donation was made.

Vanguard Foundation
2517 Mt. Carmel
Waco, Texas 76710