Vanguard Alma Mater

The Ivy Chain

Celebrating 50 years of Vanguard education, it is with great pride that we unveil our newest emblem of unity and tradition: “The Ivy Chain.” This stirring Alma Mater encapsulates the spirit, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence that have defined Vanguard for half a century.

With lyrics that resonate with echoes of our past triumphs and aspirations for the future, “The Ivy Chain” serves as a reminder of what bind us together as a community. It speaks to the enduring values of scholarship, camaraderie, and perseverance that have flourished throughout our history. Let “The Ivy Chain” be our anthem, a timeless tribute to the legacy we honor today and the legacy we continue to build for generations to come.

The Ivy Chain

Respect built throughout the years,

The theme of Vanguard in our ears.

Sing, “Alma mater!” We revere

The different paths that guide us here.


Rigor guides our faculty

Fervor, our strong loyalty.

Eyes fixed on our legacy:

Tradition through community.


Responsibility now we gain

Handing down that ivy chain!

Connecting past and future, we 

Pursue our goals with dignity.

On November 11, 2024, The Vanguard Music Department debuted “The Ivy Chain.” Thank you to Katie James and Sarah Lieber for writing the lyrics, Mitchell Gilly for composing, and all who helped perform the new song.