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Vanguard is the top Private School in Central Texas

#1 Best High School in Central Texas
#1 Best High School for STEM in Central Texas
#12 Best Private High School in Texas
#1 Most Diverse Private High School Central Texas

* Rated by Niche 2024


Rated #1 Private High School 2016-2023 by the Wacon

How do I get more information about Vanguard?

• You can call Vanguard admissions office at (254) 772-8111, and we are happy to tell you about our school and answer your questions. We are also happy to send you information and a virtual tour video.


• We encourage a tour of our school and a shadow day on campus.  Contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment – Email Admissions or 772-8111.


• You can also fill out an inquiry form or application to talk with our Admissions Team.


• Click here for a quick virtual high school tour created during the Covid-19 events for international students.

What are the steps to be admitted and how is tuition set?

• Complete the Vanguard application for admission. (Click button below.)
• Submit a Transcript(Grade Report),  Writing Sample and Teacher recommendation via the online admissions.
• Take the Otis Lennon School Abilities standardized test. This will be coordinated with the Director of Advancement and can be scheduled during school or after school on weekdays.
• Vanguard offers Tuition Assistance and Tuition is based on each family’s individual income.
Shadow Day for 6th -12th Grades.  Experience a day in the life of a Vanguard student by scheduling a shadow day for your student.

How many students are enrolled?

• We have 300 students in grades 6-12 of our 2023-24 school year.
• Vanguard is launched a 6th Grade Class  Fall of 2023

What is your student to teacher ratio?

• We have an impressive 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

What is your average class size?

• Our average class is 13 students per class.  Some are larger and smaller in order to enhance the classroom atmosphere.


• Vanguard offers 16 Advance Placement Classes and some Dual Credit Classes

Tell me more about Tuition.

 •Tuition is set very similar to College Admissions.  Click Here to learn more. 

•Vanguard College Preparatory School offers tuition assistance to assist Waco and Central Texas families.

Finding the best school to academically nurture and challenge your children is critical to their success.


For many families, paying for that academic investment in their children is a major stressor. Vanguard College Preparatory School offers tuition assistance to assist Waco and Central Texas families. This is in keeping with our desire to maintain a student body with high academic potential from across Central Texas.


Financial barriers should not prevent you from making the best decision for your children’s futures. Here at Vanguard, we offer tuition assistance to help make education more affordable for families. In fact, 60% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance.

Where are most of your students from? 

• We have students from 16 different zip codes across Central Texas attending Vanguard, along with International students from Brazil, South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, and China.

• Students come to Vanguard from local Public Schools and many local private schools.

• The NEW enrolled students in 2019-2022 came from Waco ISD, Midway ISD, Crawford ISD, Robinson ISD, China Spring ISD, Gatesville ISD, Bosqueville ISD, Copperas Cove ISD, Live Oak, ECA, Waco Montessori, St. Paul, Rapoport, Valor, and Woodway Christian.

Do you offer sports?

• Yes.  We have non-selective athletics that boast 50 state team titles:


• Boys and Girls:
Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Track, Tennis, Drill Team, and Golf


• Boys:
Football, Baseball, and Wrestling



• Girls:
Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Softball

Do you offer clubs?

• Yes! Spanish, Latin, Student Council, Class Government, Mountainview Mentors, FCA, Chess, Entrepreneurs, Outdoor Club, Mock Trial, Debate, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Chemistry, Glee, Environmental Club, Viking Line and Drum Line.

Middle School FOCUS Class

(For Our Creative and Unique Middle School Students)

To adequately transition seventh-graders and eighth-graders from elementary school to secondary school with its new demands upon their time, social interactions, and academic responsibilities. FOCUS students, like all students, are asked to maintain the Vanguard core values of Rigor in academics and daily habits, Respect to others at all times, and Responsibility in action and word.

To enrich the experience of FOCUS, students will participate in valuable activities and short classes that include topics such as art, music, health, journalism, etiquette, introduction to a foreign language, cyber civics, technology, coding, robotics, digital citizenship, theater, dance etiquette, gardening, college visit, community service, study skills, test-taking techniques, and chess and much more.

What is your average SAT Score and ACT Score?

• 2020-2023 graduates Average Score on the SAT score was 1350 (1600 scale).



• Vanguard is very proud of our College Preparation Class. Students are being prepared each day for college and beyond. 2023 graduates Average Score on the SAT score was 1310 (1600 scale). And over the past five years, our students have maintained an average of a 26.72 on the ACT. This is above the Texas average of 20.6 and the National average of 20.8. Over the last five years, we have had 95% of our students meet the English benchmark for college readiness, which is determined by ACT.



• Over the last 5 years, we have had 96.8% of our students meet the English benchmark for college readiness which is determined by ACT.


Vanguard has produced 36 National Merit Semifinalists in the past 10 years. Forty-one of them were selected as National Merit Finalists.


One-hundred percent of Vanguard graduates attend a college or university, many of which are highly selective institutions such as Rice University, Stanford, New York University, Princeton University, the University of Chicago, Georgetown University, Davidson College, Duke University, and the United States Naval Academy. The 30 members of the Classes of 2019-2023 received more than $19.1 million in academic scholarship offers to colleges and universities around the nation, including Yale, Vanderbilt, Cornell and Princeton.

Where have recent Vanguard Graduates attended college?

Vanguard College Preparatory School

2517 Mt. Carmel, Waco, TX 76710


Telephone: 254-772-8111
Email Admissions
Fax: 254-772-8263


Email the Director of Advancement,
Chelsa Brindley Ressetar:
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