2018-2019 Faculty / Staff / Coach Listing

Administrative/Office Staff

  • Bill Borg, Head of School
    • B.A., Huntingdon College; M.A.T., Jacksonville University
  • Chelsa Ressetar, Director of Advancement
    • B.B.M., University of Texas Business School – Marketing
  • Flip Alexander, Assistant Head of School - Internal Operations
    • A.A., Texas State Technical College; B.A.A.S. Tarleton State University; M.Ed. Concordia University
  • Aline Leslie, Assistant Head of School-Academics
    • B.A., University of St. Thomas; M.A., Baylor University
  • Hannah VanDyke, Director of College Counseling
    • B.A., University of Baylor
  • Rebecca Herron, Finance Administrator
    • Cedarville College
  • Kayla Kuhl, Office Assistant
    • A.A., McLennan Community College
  • Hana Oh, Administrative Assistant
    • Baylor University
  • Brian Black
    • B.S. Ed., M.S. Ed. Psychology, Baylor University
  • Greta Knoll
    • B.A., Hamline University

English Department

  • Sarah Lieber, Department Head
    • B.A., Wake Forest; M.A., University of Rochester
  • Jennifer Ferretter
    • B.A., Vassar College; M.A. University of St. Andrews (Scotland); P.G.C.E., Cambridge University
  • Wendy Allman
    • B.A., M.A., Baylor University; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • Fred Ellis
    • B.A., Baylor University
    • M.Ed Sports Management- Baylor
  • Matt James
    • B.A., Baylor University

Fine Arts Department

  • Jonathan Syltie
    • A.A., Kilgore, B.F.A.  and M.F.A. University of Texas, Tyler
  • Katie James, Director of Fine Arts
    • B.A., Baylor University; M.M. Ed., Baylor University
  • Lana Hickok
    • A.A. - Midland College, B.A. Theatre and Communications - Sul Ross State University

Foreign Language Department

  • Seir Lopez
    • B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Baylor University
  • Katie James
    • B.A., Baylor University; M.M. Ed., Baylor University
  • William Priest
    • B.A., Baylor University

Mathematics Department

  • Joe Flowers, Dean of Upper School/Director of Technology 
    • B.S., University of Texas at Arlington
  • Shelley Johnson, Department Head
    • B.S., Texas A & M University
  • Brittney Knight
    • B.S., Mathematics, Baylor M.S., Baylor University, Curriculum and Instruction (Mathematics)
  • Melissa Price
    • B.A., Mathematics, Arizona State University, M.A.T., Mathematics, Western Governors University
  • Jill Garcia
    • B.S., Tarleton State University, M.S.m Texas Tech University

  • Science Department

    • Patty Flowers, Department Head
      • B.A., University of Northern Colorado
    • Aline Leslie, Assistant Head of School - Academics/Director of Studies
      • B.A., University of St. Thomas; M.A., Baylor University
    • Zach Seifert, Dean of Middle School
      • B.A., Austin College; M.S., Baylor University
    • Michaele McCown
      • B.S. and M.S. Texas A&M University

    Social Science Department

    • David Foti
      • B.B.A., Finance, UT Austin; M.B.A., Finance, University of Houston; M.S. Applied Economics, Georgia Southern University; M.A. History, Sam Houston State University
  • Ben Smith
    •  B.A., Classics and History, Baylor University
  • Brad Livingstone
    • B.S. Business Management, M.S. Masters of Education, Oklahoma State University
  • Hunter Edmundson
    • B.A., History, Georgia State University; Masters of Arts in Teaching, Georgia State University

    Technology Department

    • Joe Flowers, Department Head/Dean of Upper School
      • B.S., University of Texas at Arlington
    • Gretchen Eichenberg
      • B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia


    • Will Curtis, Athletic Director/Assistant Head of School - External Operations,
      •  Will_Curtis@vanguard.org
      • B.B.A., M.S. Ed., Baylor University

    Coaches for 2018-19

      Zach Seifert -- Varsity Football Head Coach/Middle School and Varsity Track Head Coach
      Holden Seward -- Varsity and Middle School Football Asst. Coach/Varsity Boys Basketball Asst. Coach/Varsity Baseball Asst. Coach
      Luke Pilant -- Varsity Football Asst. Coach and Middle School Football Head Coach/Varsity Boys Basketball Asst. Coach/Varsity Baseball Head Coach
      Jonathan Syltie -- Middle School/Varsity Cross Country Head Coach/ Varsity Track Asst. Coach
      Angela Antis -- Varsity Volleyball Head Coach
      Makenzy Antis -- Varsity Volleyball Asst. Coach
      Keeley Brister -- Middle School Volleyball Head Coach
      Will Curtis -- Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball Head Coach, Softball Coach, Swim Coach
      Brian Winarick -- Middle School Girls Basketball Asst. Coach
      Ben McCarn -- Middle School Boys Basketball Asst. Coach
      Kaleb Antis -- Varsity Soccer Head Coach
      Brian Serr -- Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach
      Jimmy Ross -- Varsity Girls Basketball Asst. Coach
      Fred Ellis -- Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach/ Middle School and Varsity Track Asst. Coach
      Drew Mastin -- Varsity Boys Basketball Asst. Coach
      Lana Hickok -- Head Cheer Coach
      Jill Garcia -- Head Drum Line and Color Guard Coach
      Melissa Price -- Color Guard Asst. Coach
      Greta Knoll -- Middle School and Varsity Head Tennis Coach
      Jon Antunes -- Varsity Boys Golf Head Coach
      Anthony Hopkins -- Middle School Boys and Girls Golf Head, Varsity Girls Golf Head Coach
      Lauren Sturm -- Asst. Cheer Coach
      Emily Stuart - Trainer