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  • Athletics

    • Will Curtis, Athletic Director/Assistant Head of School – External Operations,
      •  Will_Curtis@vanguard.org
      • B.B.A., M.S. Ed., Baylor University
    • Zach Seifert-HS Football Head Coach, HS Track Head Coach and Middle School Track
    • DJ McCormick-Football, Baseball Head Coach
    • Braden Wersonske-Football Coach, Soccer Head Coach
    • Hunter Perry – Football, Baseball
    • Angela Antis-HS Volleyball Head Coach, High School Basketball Coach
    • Makenzy Antis-Volleyball
    • Shyan Schulte – MS Volleyball Coach
    • Kaitlin Pleshko-MS Cross Country Head Coach, MS Girls Basketball Coach, MS Girls Golf Head Coach
    • Carrie Livesay-Head Cheer Coach
    • Lana Hickok-Varsity Assistant Cheer Coach
    • Will Curtis-MS Boys and GirlsBasketball Head Coach
    • Luke Pilant-Boys Basketball, Baseball, Football
    • Greta Knoll – MS and High School Tennis Coach
    • Steve Brough-Boys Basketball Head Coach
    • Jon Antunes-Boys Golf Head Coach
    • John Maldonado-Head Coach Softball
    • Brian Blair-HS Girls Head Golf
    • Fred Ellis -HS Boys Basketball Coach, Track Coach
    • Colton Runnels — Boys Basketball Coach
    • Callie El-Halabi — Soccer Coach
    • Viking Guard Sponsors: Katie James, Flip Alexander, Aline Leslie
    • Justin Graham – MS Cross Country Head Coach, MS Football Head Coach, HS Girls Basketball, and MS and HS Track Coach
    • Shyan Schulte – MS Volleyball Head Coach
    • Molly Cooper – MS Volleyball Coach, HS Girls Basketball Coach, Softball Coach
    • Ryan Moll – MS and HS Tennis Coach
    • Alex Smith – Baseball Coach