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Tech Trends and Teens in the Digital Age

Parent Education Night – Thursday, August 29, 2019

6:00pm – Jaworski Building

Open to the Public

Too much of a good thing:

Is your teen addicted to their smartphone?

What are the latest trends, apps, and ways to use tech in a positive way? 

The speed of the digital world can be overwhelming and it is hard on teens and adults.  Come hear about the latest trends.  It is great for parents to communication on this issue impacting our society.  

About the speaker- Chelsa Ressetar

Chelsa Ressetar lives in Waco, Texas is the mother of 3 daughters.  She grew up in Waco and attended the University of Texas Business School. After college Chelsa began her career in New York City in Marketing and Advertising.  She has 15 years of Corporate Marketing experience with News Corporation in New York, Colorado, California, Texas, and Arkansas.  For the past 5+ years, Chelsa has worked as the Director of Advancement at Vanguard College Preparatory School.  When she began working at a school she was profoundly moved by the impact of screens on teenagers and families.  After attending several National Association of Independent School Conferences, she became passionate about the topic of social media and how digital media is affecting our children and families. She has spent time at many conferences, meeting with local psychologists and doctors to review the impact of screens.  For the past 5 years, Chelsa has presented at many local schools, community groups, and churches.  She is passionate about informing educators, students and parents about the impact of screens/media on our thoughts, behaviors, and lives.


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